Lining Boards

Lining boards are the decoration method of home interior and exterior that is becoming fashionable again. The covering of walls by lining boards serves as a long-term solution, so the lining boards have to be selected with great care. The boards of suitable wood and appropriate processing have to be selected.

The manufacturing process of lining boards starts with purchase of logs. The logs are cut then and the wood is dried in special hothouses. The wood is processed in the processing workshop and the process is finished in the customer’s home. We are working in compliance with all the preparation and processing technological requirements while making the lining boards. Therefore, high quality is guaranteed. We endeavour at controlling quality in all the manufacturing stages. We make not only interior and exterior lining boards, but also special lining boards for bathhouses (saunas).

The following quality requirements are observed in the manufacturing process of lining boards: the wood is dried in special computerized hothouses. The drying process is carried out according to the programmes and temperature modes adjusted to each type of wood. Strielciai Sawmill Ltd was among the first Lithuanian companies to make lining boards of rough surface for façades. The Scandinavian experience and recommendations were used for manufacture. The lining boards made by such a method are especially durable because of good absorption capacity of impregnated substances. Even the first lining boards made in our sawmill are still unchanged. They have not needed any restoration or repainting in many years of usage.

The quality of exterior lining boards depends on the wood’s quality, drying, planing and processing quality. The fir or pine are mainly used for exterior lining boards. These types of wood are denser and more resistant to environmental impact. The wood is dried in modern hothouses and then the needed form of the lining board is formed with the help of milling cutter.

Selection of the lining boards
When choosing the lining boards, you need to decide what type you prefer – planed or not. The non-planed lining boards absorb paint better, thus they are impregnated better and their service time is longer. Of course, they need more paint to be painted. The planed lining boards are characterized by smaller absorption of paint. Therefore, they are less durable. However, the planed lining boards are much smoother. So, they are used for interior the most frequently. We use planning machine of 8 heads in our workshop to plane the boards, and thus, the top-quality planning result is guaranteed.

When choosing the lining boards, their purpose has to be taken into account – whether they will be used indoors, outdoors or in the bathhouse. Also, the environmental impact has to be considered – humidity, heat, cold, etc. The specialists of our company are ready to help you to choose the most suitable lining boards for your purpose.

Exterior decorative wood (lining boards, terrace boards, etc.)