Wood briquettes

Sawdust wood briquettes: it is ecologically clean solid fuel made of oak, European alder or mixed (coniferous and deciduous) wood sawdust, perfectly suitable for all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. Sawdust is dried, and only afterwards pressed at high pressure without any chemical additives and adhesives thus forming wood briquettes. Sawdust briquettes are made with the RUF company press. We make up to 2500 tons of briquettes per month.

Our sawdust wood briquettes have a brick shape.
· Weight: 0.85 kg.
· Dimensions: 60x90x150 mm.
· Humidity (Wd): 5-9 %
· Ashes (AS): 0,5 %
· Combustion heat (operating, upper) 4402,4 kcal/kg
· Combustion heat (operating, lower) 4072,7 kcal/kg

Packing: PE bags 10 kg, 12 briquettes per bag.

One palette contains:
a) 96 bags – 960 kg
b) 102 bags – 1020 kg
c) we can stack a customized number of briquettes on the pallet.

Our produced wood briquettes is ecological, clear and solid fuel. Our briquettes are made from dry leafy trees wood sawdust. Briquettes are made only using high pressure, no glue , no additives, or no binder material are used. So it is ecological and nature friendly type of fuel. You can buy it in palletes (96 or 102 bags) or in transparent polythene bags.